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  • 6.4 oz Shrimp broth
  • 6.4 oz Clamato tomato cocktail
  • 1/2 piece Lime
  • .30 oz Worcestershire sauce or mushroom sauce
  • .30 oz Soy sauce
  • .16 oz Spicy sauce, Huichol
  • One beer
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

If you don’t have Huichol you can use Tapatio, Cholula, Bufalo, but don’t use yucateco because it is made of habanero which is  too spicy.


Firstly in a container add the clamato and shrimp broth, stir ,then add soy and worcestershire sauce and slowly add the spicy ones and taste it.

At the end add 12 oz of your favorite beer.

Finally stir it and taste it.

Clamaron molinito

el molinito