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La Paz Beaches

Mapas La Paz Baja California Sur

Without a doubt, the stunning beaches of La Paz are one of the destination's main attractions. They're perfect for a family outing, a couple's getaway, or an afternoon with friends. The connection to nature is magical, far from the hustle and bustle. Close our eyes… And all you'll hear are the lapping of the waves and the call of the birds.

Balandra, named Mexico's best beach on more than one occasion, is the best-known slice of shoreline. But it’s not the only beach in La Paz! El Corumuel, the recipient of the Blue Flag, is close to the city, and there's Pichilingue and El Tecolote, which are great for families thanks to their many restaurants and all the watersports available to create instant memories. At El Pescadero and La Ventana, fun is the name of the game, with opportunities for scuba diving or kitesurfing. And just a few kilometers from the city of La Paz in the Pueblo Mágico of Todos Santos lies Cerritos, a favorite for the surfing crowd.


7 beaches of La Paz that you cannot miss

La Paz, an adventure destination where you can discover dream beaches every day, surround yourself with nature and recharge your energy. Here are 7 beaches of La Paz that you can not miss on your next visit:

Choose the beach and live the experience

We invite you to responsibly enjoy the different sun and sand options that La Paz offers by not forgetting to pick up your waste and leaving the beaches clean.