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Vacation Ideas

Vacationing in La Paz allows you to experience different adventures in a single trip, and you can find that adrenaline rush you’re seeking both in and out of the water.

During the summer, think of chilling out on the beach and enjoying the watersports. From January through March, there's whale watching and surfing the waves at Todos Santos. If you're here between October and April, swimming with a whale shark needs to be on your list.

From September through May, a visit to Isla Espíritu Santo can include a stop at the sea lion sanctuary and a romp with these playful mammals, followed by an afternoon of sand surfing on the dunes. And don’t forget the obligatory walk along the malecón for the destination's iconic sunset!

Follow our social media to scope out the hottest spots, the best events, and the optimal times for wildlife sightings, whether in La Paz or the surrounding areas. Oh, and make sure to stop at the food stands near the malecón; the dishes are all a tasty treat for the palate. Of course, we'd love for you to share your travel pics on our social media!

We have all the best vacation tips and recommendations so you can enjoy La Paz to the max.