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Explore the Art and Culture of La Paz

From Balandra Beach to the downtown Malecón, in La Paz you will find the culture and art throughout the city to be the most captivating. The city offers many attractive places to visit and learn about the history and culture of La Paz.

Among all its beauty is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, located in the main square of the city built in 1861 by Dominican missionaries on the site of the city’s original Jesuit mission, built in XVII century. Once inside you will find paintings rescued from old missions. Across from the cathedral you can capture the image of a mushroom-shaped rock, a replica statue of the rock formation found in Balandra Beach. It’s perfectly located across from souvenir, clothing and ice cream shops. Pick up a cold treat before making your way into the museums and libraries.

 Very close to the city center is the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History. The newly remodeled rooms are decorated with the state’s history, from its pre-Columbian cultures to the Independence of Mexico. Take a step back in time as you tour the monuments, photographs and paintings to become one with the culture of the city and its communities. The historical center or downtown La Paz is the heart of the city, an area rescued by the government for its public buildings for the promotion of art and culture.

El Malecón is a must-see destination for travelers visiting the city. Beautiful statues and art adorn the boardwalk representing historical figures and events including an amazing seascape mural by the famed wildlife artist Wyland. One of the most famous statues, the Pearl Oyster, found at the beginning of the Malecón represents the pearl bed once found in the Sea of Cortez. Dating back to the 1700’s beds of pearl oyster shells re-appeared in La Paz after years of scarcity, a statue was built in honor of the cities historical moment. The Pearl shell is one of the most photographed statues in La Paz, and a favorite among tourists. It is also one of the largest statues in el Malecón. A monument paying tribute to the French explorer Jacques Cousteau, who named La Paz, “the aquarium of the world.” It is considered one of the five largest marine ecosystems of highest productivity and biological diversity in the world.

The Old Government House Territory is the Popular Culture Center, where art exhibitions, traditions of the state and the rest of the country can be appreciated. Old buildings like the municipal Palace and the Teatro Juarez, are ancient buildings that today house the Cultural Centre of La Paz, a site of historical and artistic permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as host music, art and theater performances.

            San Antonio and El Triunfo are two villages of great historical importance on the transpennisular road, just 50km south of La Paz. San Antonio is the host of a village festival of art. Its streets and facades have been restored to turning them into a cultural, historical and artisanal visit. Further down the road, you come across El Triunfo, a tourist-recreational-park and favorite among researchers and nature enthusiasts is what remains of a mining town that once provided prosperity for many. Old remnants of the mine known as the “Ramona” still stands nearly 47 meters high and was designed by Gustav Eiffel. It is also recognized as the home to the Museum of Music, showcasing memorabilia and artifacts, which include pianos and a variety of other musical instruments from the 18th century to the present

Just 43km from La Paz, on the same transpenninsular highway is the Cactus Sanctuary located within the town of El Rosario, in an area where the climate is ideal for the conservation of cacti and other desert plants.

Whether you decide to go whale watching or take a tour of the city to learn about its rich culture or simply decide to relax along the beach, La Paz offers a little something for everyone. We invite you to visit us at La Paz

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