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welcome to baja california sur

la paz, mexico

Visit La Paz to build a close connection with nature like never before. You are guaranteed to find adventure and relaxation in pristine landscapes and to discover the beauty of desert merging with the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. 


One of the Top 52 Places to Go

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One of Five Under-the-Radar Mexico Experiences

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One of the Best Places to Travel

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A Great Escape for Scrumptious Seafood & Ecotourism



La Paz

Capital of Baja California Sur

Visit La Paz, in Baja California Sur and connect with the pace of nature. Discover how the desert merges with the ocean and explore the pristine landscapes filled with wildlife in a place like no other in the world. 

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Espiritu Santo Island

On the island you can do different activities, including kayaking, sport fishing, hiking on its trails or stand up paddle board (SUP).

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Puerto Chale

Puerto Chale is a quiet fishing community on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the closest place to La Paz for spotting gray whales.

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One of the most traditional beaches located near the high port. Restaurants, a beach club and landing area make it an ideal place to go by boat and enjoy a day on the sea.

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Los Barriles

Kitesurf and sportfishing in paradise.  

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La Ventana

Admire the contrast between sea and desert with unique postcards in one of its Mountain Bike routes and don’t forget to live the glamping experience.

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Todos Santos

The Magical Town that you can’t miss.    

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El Triunfo

El Triunfo is an old mining town perfect for visitors looking to take a step back in time.  

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El Pescadero

Located near Todos Santos, El Pescadero is home to two of the best surfing beaches in Baja California Sur.

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Cerritos is one of Baja California Sur’s top surfing beaches, especially from November through April. Located in El Pescadero, very close to Todos Santos, it’s a fantastic place to relax and take in some jaw-dropping sunsets.

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Punta Pescadero

Punta Pescadero, just a few miles from Los Barriles, is a small village with a stunning bay. The townspeople are mainly fishermen, and it’s home to one of the best beachfront accommodations.  

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Isla Cerralvo

Isla Cerralvo, one of the largest islands in the Sea of Cortez, is one of Baja California Sur’s most beautiful destinations.

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La Paz on the media

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Fiestas Tradicionales de San Juan de Los Planes Jun 24

Les compartimos la programación para las Fiestas Tradicionales de San Juan de Los Planes Fin de semana de fiesta para nuestras bonitas comunidades; prográmate y asiste a las diferentes actividades organizadas en el marco del 24 de junio Agrupaciones musicales: Sábado: Grupo…


Desde Buenos Aires, #Argentina, llega la banda 3 de Ellos, rindiéndole tributo al considerado por muchos el mejor grupo de rock en español, Soda Stereo. Disfruta este imperdible evento en el Teatro de la Ciudad. 26 de junio a las 8:00 p.m. Adquiere tus boletos en la taquilla…

Carrera de colores 2024 Jun 29

Te compartimos la convocatoria para tercera edición de la "Carrera de colores 2024" Recuerda que es necesario llenar el formulario, imprimir y firmarlo, con el te entregaremos tu playera. Solo da clic aquí https://sites.google.com/.../dmdeve.../p%C3%A1gina-principal Nos vemos en…

Torneo de Pesca "Copa Dorado" Jun 30

¡Todos listos en La Paz! Ya viene la XXª edición del Torneo de Pesca "𝐂𝐨𝐩𝐚 𝐃𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐨" organizado por el Club "Gavilanes" con el apoyo del FONMAR. Bolsa de premiación de 80 mil, 30 mil y 20 mil pesos para los primeros tres lugares. Además de jackpots de 1 mil, 3 mil y 5 mil…

Discover the best of Baja California Sur both by land and by sea.

our mission

Keeping the Peace

La Paz positions itself as a sustainable destination with proactive initiatives such as eliminating single-use plastics and promoting ecotourism to establish awareness and care for our environment . We ask for your help in taking care of our home. Big changes start with small actions.