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Curated courses for Golf in La Paz

Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the CostaBaja Golf Club really hits the mark when it comes to curated courses. The course was the first to be designed by World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Gary Player – and the only one of his designs found in Mexico. Since it opened in 2010, the 385000…

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Where to Stay: Slumber on the Sea

It’s no secret that the Sea of Cortez is a veritable treasure trove of marine life. Visitors clamour to experience it for themselves and now they can spend both their days and nights on the high seas with a selection of new customized cruises. Diving aficionados might want to enjoy select five-day…

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Spotlight: Espíritu Santo Island

If the Sea of Cortez is a kaleidoscope of tropical tones, then Espiritu Santo Island is the crown jewel. Located a few miles outside the Bay of La Paz, the island is only accessible by boat and appears from turquoise waters as a monument developed over time by onyx-coloured lava amongst red desert…

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