Stand up paddle (SUP) is a sport that has been gaining popularity internationally in recent years and in La Paz it is no exception. With its calm and crystal clear waters, the beaches of La Paz are the ideal place to practice this sport.

Bays sheltered from large currents, mangrove channels and a panoramic view of the city are frequent landscapes for those who practice SUP in La Paz.

On Board Baja, one of the companies at La Paz specialized in this sport, shares some tips to have a great experience on your next SUP Adventure:

Among the tips you should consider to enjoy and have a great experience are:

Strap Use

Attach the board strap to your ankle so you can easily retrieve the board in case you fall into the water, avoiding it to get carried away by the current.


Wear your life jacket, it can keep you safe in case you fall into the water in a deep area and can't get back on the board with ease.

Hold the paddle properly

Place one hand at the end of the shaft and place the paddle over your head, with the other hand hold the paddle and slide until the two arms make a 90 degrees angle.

Enter the water cautiously

Get into the water very carefully, avoiding not to step on anything and placing the board until the water at least reaches your knees. In this way you will take care that the keel of the board is not damaged.

Put the Feet in the proper position

Place your feet parallel to the middle of the board. This is generally where the board handle is located. Stand up slowly, first placing your knees and then one foot after the other, to balance and enjoy the experience.

As always, practice makes perfect, so on your next trip to La Paz don't miss the opportunity to practice SUP in our calm waters.