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Between land and sea: The sand dunes

A dune is an accumulation of marine sand created by the wind. They are formed by very thin layers and are dynamic in their shape and space, they move and change. They are always asymmetrical: the side facing the wind is convex and gently sloping, the opposite face is steeper. They advance and…

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New Routes New Horizons To Explore

La Paz is widening its air connectivity with two new international destinations that provide the opportunity for thousands of travelers to explore new horizons. Dallas, one of the largest cities in the United States, is located in Dallas County in the state of Texas. Due to its central location…

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The peninsula and its legends

Legend according to the dictionary means: A popular narration that tells a real or fabulous event adorned with fantastic or wonderful elements of folklore, which is originally transmitted orally. Or an extensive poetic composition that narrates legendary events. In the peninsula several legends are…

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Hurricane Winds?

The relationship between societies and nature. “The loss of the crops is followed by the most abundant harvests, either because these violent upheavals stir the earth’s breasts and prepare its fertility, or because the hurricane provides some of its materials to the vegetation ... it has been…

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How to get to La Paz from San Diego?

La Paz is located about 1000 miles (1,500 km) from the northern border on the transpeninsular highway where it connects with California and its different cities including San Diego and many more. By land, the journey from San Diego to La Paz is made by hundreds of drivers from the United…

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Swimming with whale sharks

An awesome thing to do in La Paz is to swim with the whale shark. However, it is pretty likely that we know very little about them: Who are they? What do I need to know? Is it safe? And what should I expect from the experience? These are very common questions that for sure will cross your mind…

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Wherever you go, say what you hear

As the famous saying indicates, the best strategy to enjoy your holidays in the company of La Paz locals is to share with them and speak like them, or well, at least to try to understand them. The South Californians of yesteryear and those of today are the result of interculturality, a legacy of…

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Memories from other times

Every May 3rd La Paz Foundation festivities are celebrated. On a day like that in 1535 Hernan Cortés arrived at a paradise of beautiful beaches full of pearls and native men and women, which he named Puerto and Valle de La Santa Cruz, after navigating the gulf that he named the Sea of ​​Cortez in…

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5 tips for your next SUP adventure

Stand up paddle (SUP) is a sport that has been gaining popularity internationally in recent years and in La Paz it is no exception. With its calm and crystal clear waters, the beaches of La Paz are the ideal place to practice this sport. Bays sheltered from large currents, mangrove channels and a…

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