Cycling a city streets always gives us a new perspective. In addition to promoting clean transportation, you exercise while enjoying the ride and discover the peculiarities of each block with its inhabitants, architecture and local businesses. The new bike path in La Paz allows you to explore the city passing through various neighborhoods and enjoying the extensive waterfront, locally known as the malecón.

The La Paz bike path begins on the corner of Luis Donaldo Colosio street and Insurgentes Avenue, a few steps from CRIT La Paz with a metal statue signaling its beginning. The tour begins in one of the quietest residential neighborhoods in La Paz, La Posada; after pedaling for a few blocks you can turn onto Avenida Nueva Reforma towards the sea, to reach Brecha California where you can park your bike and greet some friendly friends at the Serpentarium of La Paz. Turtles, alligators, birds and snakes are residents of this singular space, which allows you to meet and learn about some of the peninsula's fauna. The tour lasts about an hour, which makes it perfect for a short break from pedaling.

When you leave, you can take the bike path right up to Sinaloa street and then turn left, one block down and you’ll discover an extensive mural of the project El Color de la Memoria, which invites you to learn about one of the traditional fishing communities of La Paz, El Manglito.

Continue pedaling towards the malecón. You will cycle along a basketball court next to the beach and pass by the famous “Bandidos” restaurant before reaching the waterfront; up to here you will have already traveled around 3.5 kilometers (2 miles) and there are about 5 more km (3 miles) to go. Upon arrival at the malecón you will participate in one of the favorite activities of residents and visitors, known as “maleconear”. Along the boardwalk you will find several bike racks that will allow you to leave yours in a safe place while you make stops to carefully admire each of the artistic bronze sculptures that embellish and complement the landscape.

A few blocks from the start of the boardwalk you will find the recently remodeled Parque Cuauhtémoc, a place that houses the Casa del Artesano Sudcaliforniano, where you can find the perfect memory of your visit to La Paz; as well as a fountain and a space for skates and skateboard lovers. Entertain yourself for a moment watching how they do their tricks.

Continue your tour until you reach the fiscal dock. Don't forget to enjoy a delicious ice cream in the famous La Fuente, a must-see and taste for anyone strolling along the boardwalk. Later, you will find the LA PAZ sign with the sea in the background, an ideal place for a photo that you cannot miss. Keep going and reach the La Paz kiosk where exhibitions, fairs or musicians are frequently presented, delighting the atmosphere. A few kilometers ahead you will find El Molinito Park, a recently recovered space that looks completely renovated, there you will find some playgrounds before reaching the traditional coconut stands. If you continue pedaling, you will arrive at the BMX park for bicycles, and if you still have energy, you can try some pirouettes.

In the afternoon, the colors of the environment will begin to change, the air will feel cooler and the sun will begin to set, at this point you have to stop, park your bike and sit on a comfortable bench to admire this great natural spectacle, the La Paz sunset. The sky will transform and a dance of colors and shapes will make you feel energized and very lucky. If you are a photography lover, it is time to conclude the tour by taking some good photos...