Robert-Wyland-Mural-in-La-PazWith a history resonating its beauty across to its visitors, La Paz becomes a charming and idyllic as a sensory delight, full of beautiful scenery, scents and sounds. From Balandra Beach to the downtown Malecon, there’s something for everyone. La Paz’s rich culture and art arranged throughout the city is one of the many captivating views there are.

 Among all its beauty, La Paz has its share of beautiful art which adds to the array of color already surrounding the vibrant streets. Marine life artist, Robert Wyland, known for his 100 Whaling Walls, a large outdoor mural featuring images of life-size whales and other sea life, Wyland has a mural piece of his own in the city of La Paz. In vibrant colors Wyland painted the whales, stingrays, fish and underwater life, the perfect representation of La Paz very own aquarium of the world. Starting from the bottom of the ocean to the stroking beautiful colors of our sunset, Wyland brings life to the mural in La Paz. Through his unique marine life paintings, sculptures, and photography, Wyland has inspired a generation about the importance of marine life conservation.

The historical center of La Paz is an area rescued by the government for its public buildings for the promotion of art and culture. Along with the inspiring Wyland mural, sculptures line the Malecon, each holding its own story. Jacques Cousteau, who named La Paz the “aquarium of the world,” is one of the famous sculptures in our Malecon. Marine biologist and explorer of the ocean, Cousteau set out to sea to find the beauty underneath its shores. The sculpture now in the Malecon is an image of Cousteau looking out to sea, wearing his wet suit and flippers. His sculpture has become a popular stop when visitors walk down the Malecon.

There are many sculptures along the Malecon that are must-see worthy. An absolute favorite is the unique sculpture of three musicians portrayed as sea shells and fish creatures. The sculpture is the only one with more than one person as the figurine and it is an exquisite addition to El Malecon’s famous sculptures. Along with the sculpture of Jesus holding a seashell, and a boatman holding a boat at his waist, these sculptures are a must see getaway.

The art in La Paz is unique in its history and aims to captivate all visitors with its history through art, and it does so using the sea as its anchor. If you are ready to be taken away by the breath taking art, visit La Paz today.