Hang Ten: Surfing with a Twist


[caption id="attachment_2194" align="alignleft" width="300"] Lord of the wind - Photo by: Sebastian Tron Media[/caption]

Kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts can catch the breeze in La Ventana, located 40 minutes south of La Paz. Amidst the intense blue of the sea, the white sand beach and the striking desert landscapes lay La Ventana Bay and Cerralvo Island. Located between these two areas is a natural wind tunnel that can gust year-round, hitting its aerodynamic apex from November to March. While advanced riders may jump right in, beginners will find this spot safe and secure as ­­well. The ‘L’ shaped beach means that novices can ride downwind until the long and wide beach crosses with the wind, making sure no one is left adrift. Wander along the beach in La Ventana to find many local businesses offering daily windsurfing rentals, but Kitesurf Vacations also offers kitesurfing tours and lessons.


Extreme windsurfing enthusiasts may find the Lord of the Wind competition a perfect place to showcase their skills. Held annually in Los Barriles, two hours south of La Paz, the event brings in competitors from around the world. At the end of the five days of competition, the riders with the highest scores win the title of Lord and Lady of the Wind.


Land lovers who still want to feel the wind through their hair can hop on a board and sand surf in the El Mogote region, 20 minutes north of La Paz. The dunes in this area protect the La Paz Bay and can reach heights of 33 metres (100 ft). Tour operators like Baja Unexplored offer sand surfing tours for the adventurous and newbie boarder.