Savoury Spotlight: Chocolate Clams


The Sea of Cortez is home to more marine life than any other body of water so it comes as no surprise that seafood lovers are drawn to this area to sample las delicias del mar – the delights of the sea. Blessed with a bounty of freshly caught fish, the local pescaderías, markets, and restaurants serve up seafood year-round. Red Snapper, tuna, and yellowtail are amongst the most popular fish along with shellfish like shrimp, scallops, oysters and mussels. The most revered, however, are the chocolate clams. Although they’re referred to as Baja’s “seafood candy” the clams are named after their distinctive brown shells. Considered one of the largest clams on the West Coast, these beauties are harvested year-round in the coastal lagoons along Magdalena Bay and throughout the Sea of Cortez. One of the top spots to try chocolate clams is at Bismarkcito, located along downtown La Paz’s waterfront promenade. The open-air restaurant is legendary for its comprehensive seafood menu.

Fun Fact: traditionally, seafood is considered a breakfast or lunch dish and isn’t often eaten for dinner by locals.