In the wild, rural and splendid southern California.

Nature, says Krutch - an American writer and naturalist - gave Baja California almost all of the possible beauties in a dry and hot climate: high mountains, desert plains with contrasting flowering cacti, blue waters, islands where multitudes of birds nest, as well as many beaches, so great and attractive, like the best ones in the world. All of this has remained almost totally pristine precisely because very little of what we call progress has been able to spoil it. (Joseph Wood Krutch, Baja California and the GEOGRAPHY OF HOPE. 1967).

Even though 50 years have passed since this review, South California continues to stay that way, beautiful and brave even though progress has in some way spoiled its environment. However, in Baja California Sur there are still places and beaches where you do not find anything but nature, and it is our responsibility to interact and take care of it so that it recovers and continues to stay that way.

It is also worth mentioning this true greatness: its people. Women and men of the sea, salty legs as they are affectionately called, kind, gentle. The people are peaceful as the name of the city. I quote an extract from a book (Sudcalifornia in the legend and in the history by Manuel Torre Iglesias) that accurately describes the natives of La Paz:

“People are friendly and hospitable. When wrongdoing is discovered, they tend to exclaim with a certain pride: "those are outsiders" and they are almost always right.”

The people of La Paz are very jealous of their shelter. When a traveler enjoys their hospitality, they invite him to taste the wild plums of the Mogote, tangy and tasty, - "He who eats plums from the Mogote, no longer leaves here", people used to say that frequently and there must be some spell in those plums, since there are many who have tried them and confirmed the truths of this forecast ”.

Most of this city’s people plans include family, friends, beach, camping, dunes, fishing, desert, fish tacos, ceviche, flour tortillas, plums, mangoes, pitayas, waves, sea, to watch multi-colored sunsets and calmly wait for the arrival of the ships - red to the bone from so much sun, and brave corsairs from a port that has seen pirates and foreigners arrive for years to its waters and land.

Thanks to them, Sudcalifornia is what it is, and despite the fact that today the inhabitants of these lands are a mixture from La Paz of yesteryear and foreigners who tasted plums and made this their home, we should all walk the same path, pushing towards the same goals, towards progress through a friendly development with the environment, conserving our natural beauties and  working for what unites us and makes us happy, this beautiful land.