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The peninsula and its legends

Legend according to the dictionary means: A popular narration that tells a real or fabulous event adorned with fantastic or wonderful elements of folklore, which is originally transmitted orally. Or an extensive poetic composition that narrates legendary events. In the peninsula several legends are…

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In the wild, rural and splendid southern California. Nature, says Krutch - an American writer and naturalist - gave Baja California almost all of the possible beauties in a dry and hot climate: high mountains, desert plains with contrasting flowering cacti, blue waters, islands where multitudes…

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La Paz reactiva operaciones turísticas

La Paz abre sus puertas para recibir a sus turistas en ambientes seguros, controlados y limpios. El acceso a playas y actividades turísticas como pesca deportiva y golf se podrá realizar al atender los protocolos y medidas sanitarias correspondientes. Al recibir Baja California Sur el Sello de…

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Gastronomic experiences in Todos Santos

Gastronomy is part of the experiences that make Todos Santos one of the must-see stops in Baja California Sur. As part of the attractions that make Baja California Sur a unique destination, its cuisine is one of the must-sees; not only for its flavor and freshness, but also for the culinary…

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Three La Paz Cocktails to Raise Your Glass To

These creations celebrate Baja California Sur’s local specialities and customs (La Paz, Mexico) – Whether you’ve spent your day swimming with whale sharks, lazing on the spectacular white sands of Balandra Beach, or catching tonight’s dinner onboard a fishing boat, there’s no better way to toast…

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