There were more than 1,300 athletes competing

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The fourth edition of The Moonlight Triathlon took place in La Paz the last March 25th in which 1,324 athletes from 10 countries participate. They gave their best to complete each stage in this competition.

This event was successfully carried out thanks to the participation of the Tourism Department through the State Tourism Board (FITUES), La Paz Tourism Board (FITUPAZ), the Hotel Association (EMPRHOTUR) and AS DEPORTE

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The Panamerican Cup of the year held Sprint Distance Triathlons with 750 mts open sea swimming, 20 km cycling and a 5 km pedestrian race, and Olympic with 1500 mts open sea swimming, 48 km cycling and a 10 km pedestrian race. but also a new category: Ironkids for competitors from 4 - 15 years old, in which 110 athlete kids participated.

The winners of the fourth edition of The Moonlight Triathlon according to their categories were:

  • GOLD - Edson Gómez & Adriana Barraza.
  • SILVER - Rodrigo González & Vanesa de la Torre.
  • BRONZE - David Mendoza y Andrea Gutiérrez.


La Paz Triathlon was the sixth date of the Premium Serial for the Mexican Triathlon Federation (FMTRI) 2017. For the age categories, this was a selective competition to classify to the World Championship Rotterdam 2017.

This unique sport competition, gathered over 5,000 visitors to La Paz reaching 100% hotel occupancy and It is estimated that overall, La Paz received an economic income of $10 million pesos, reason why it is considered as one of the largest touristic events in the destination.