• It was agreed to work together to strengthen and diversify tourism promotion strategies in national and international markets, training and service quality in the destination.


The new Board of the Hotel and Tour Operators of La Paz ( EMPRHOTUR ) , as well as the Director of the Tourism Board of La Paz( FITUPAZ ) Sandra Felix, held a productive meeting with Genaro Ruiz , State Secretary Tourism , which was attended also by Fernado Ojeda, Vice Secretary of Tourism , Jesus Ordoñez , Director General of the state Tourism Board(FITUES ) and Luis Enrique Cortes , Director of Training and Tourism Culture.  The purpose of the meeting was to present the work plan and projects of the new Board of Directors of EMPRHOTUR, that includes air connectivity, marketing and promotion at national and international level, personnel training of tourism service providers, the creation of basic tourism infrastructure and development of tourism culture.


The Council quedo composed of Ivan Alejandro Morán Tirado, President; Eduardo Herrera Velazquez, Vice President of Administration; Alejandro Blanco Hernandez, Regional Vice President; Francisco Hernandez Salcedo, Vice President of Marketing; Luis Fernando Garduno Hernandez, Vice President of Operations and Malcolm Neil Shroyer Schoen, Vice President of Statistics and Public Relations.


In this context, the Secretary Genaro Ruiz, reaffirmed the commitment of the government of Carlos Mendoza Davis, with hoteliers and tourism service providers in the state capital; He said to have received precise instructions from the Executive to the city of La Paz and tourist destinations around the city, to receive a timely, permanent and systematic attention to strengthen all areas of the sector.


The official said the development policy that is being constructed, built on several strategies such as negotiations with international and domestic airlines to expand the range of destinations and seats for the airport of La Paz, as well as investment in tourism infrastructure. The state policy considers the consultation process on the remodeling of the boardwalk (malecon), which was reported, should be concluded in mid-September, so that the first stage of the rebuild can start next fiscal year.


He also explained that the Tourism Department will support EMPRHOTUR with quality training that allows its members to strengthen their skills in English language, service quality, handling of complaints and claims, social media and marketing.


The Secretary also pledged that an annual training program for tourism service providers will be scheduled; also mentioned that they are working in coordination with the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS), to develop a specific certification program for nature and adventure travel providers.

Another main point of this meeting was to review promotion strategies for the destination; Genaro Ruiz said that, in addition to the hard work of tourism promotion and resources that the State Government has allocated to La Paz through Trust State Tourism (FITUES), in conjunction with the Tourism Board of Mexico (CPTM) and the board of local promotion (FITUPAZ), they are looking for new promotion schemes that could impact a greater number of visitors.

He highlighted the presence of destinations in Baja California Sur, with the backing of Pacific Airport Group (GAP), through a program of promotion of tourist destinations in the state and its attractions at airports.

Finally, Genaro Ruiz, established his commitment to sustain a permanent agenda of meetings with EMPRHOTUR to review the progress in the negotiations and joint actions taken in favor of the Municipality of La Paz and its inhabitants.