Known for its spectacular beaches and oceans, La Paz can really deliver on outdoor and seaside adventure. But dig a little deeper and visitors will find a treasure trove of arts, culture and history. Starting in the centre of La Paz’s historic downtown is the Our Lady of Peace Cathedral. Opening as a Jesuit Mission, the original cathedral was built between 1720 and 1749. The structure is simple yet ornate. Two symmetrical towers flank a simplistic front entrance. Inside, visitors will find original baroque altarpieces collected from across the country. “Modern” upgrades to the church were commissioned in 1861 by Bishop Juan Francisco who served as pastor until his passing in 1872. Today the Catholic Church serves as the seat for the Diocese of La Paz and a gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

The La Paz Cultural Centre is another must-visit spot in the city's historic downtown. Built in 1910, the centre was commissioned to mark the 100th anniversary of Mexican independence and aptly named “the House of the People.” Since then, it has served as the military headquarters for the Mexican Revolutionary Party (1929-1936) until it became La Paz’s City Hall. In 2010 it became the La Paz Cultural Centre and now plays host to concerts as well as contemporary art classes and workshops. From now until December 2019, visitors can view an exhibit on the Evolution of Baja California Sur - a look at early settlers and revolutionary images dating back as far as the arrival of the Spanish, and early Mexican mythology.