pescadito1Now is a glorious time to visit La Paz to experience the aquarium of the world for yourself. A gateway to the magnificent Sea of Cortez with access to a diverse selection of enjoyable and exciting dive sites, La Paz, is a brilliant base to experience some of the best marine life the area has to offer. Take the opportunity to swim with sea lions, snorkel with whale sharks and enjoy the immense variety of marine life that inhabits The Sea.

A home away from home awaits you, filled with sunny days and warm, soft, white slopes of sand, La Paz, is located less than two hours from Los Cabos. The legendary oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau, once called La Paz, “the aquarium of the world”, thanks to the enormous diversity of species inhabiting its waters. This day in age, Cousteau holds a place in the downtown boardwalk, the Malecon, with his own memorial statue. The opportunity to delve into an aquarium with more than 20,000 bursting unique marine species underwater awaits you in La Paz.

Experience the magical colors of yellow, blue and grey at the northern tip of Isla Espiritu Santo. Known for having the most important colonies of sea lions in the gulf, this site is home to over 200 Californian brown sea lions and these friendly sea lions are very curious and friendly to divers. You can regularly play with the little pups that like to pull on and play with fins. This is a very fun, exciting dive; it’s always an enjoyable experience to interact with a creature in its own habitat.

Make La Paz the first place you ever experience a sea horse and jewfish sighting. Watch the captivating school of fish swim past you or the blue marlin you were admiring while under the sea. Admire the red and Coral Sea stars that kiss the bottom of our ocean rocks. Enormous whale sharks, inquisitive porpoise and giant pacific manta rays are among the most popular encounters in the Sea of Cortez.

The beautiful landscapes, attractions, events and the warmth of its people will provide one of the best travel experiences ever. Enjoy the warmth and friendliness of La Paz for an unforgettable underwater experience. The whales, sea lions, whale sharks, magnificent shipwrecks, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, sharks and more are waiting for you! Take our invitation to the aquarium of the world.