La Paz in Baja California Sur, is a destination that is gradually gaining a place in the heart of national and international travelers thanks to its dreamy beaches and sunny days during the year. Here, you’ll find a variety of activities to practice ecotourism: with opportunities to swim with sea lions or whale sharks and whale watching among other unforgettable experiences. Moreover, La Paz is known for having strict regulations to visit natural protected areas and interact with different species in their natural habitat; La Paz is starting to position itself as a sustainable destination by having the regulation needed in order to eliminate the use of single-use plastics such as straws, styrofoam and plastic bags.

Since 2018, Baja California Sur, became one of the first states in the country to authorize legislation to reduce the use of these plastics thanks to the collaboration of the State Government, private organizations, public institutions and society in general.

Touristic service providers including hotels, restaurants and  touroperators, have begun to implement policies to minimize their environmental impact by avoiding the use of plastic bottles and bags in their operations and eliminating the use of straws for the service.

By participating n the different activities that you can enjoy  in La Paz, such as visiting Espíritu Santo Island or some of its beautiful beaches, you’ll realize the importance of taking care of the environment and without hesitation you’ll willingly join this initiative  Also, La Paz has two blue flag certifications: one in El Coromuel beach and another one in Marina Cortez, which means they belong to the cleanest group of beaches and marinas in Mexico and the world.

Coromuel beach has the blue flag certification

When you visit La Paz, help us to stay clean by not leaving the trace of your visit on the beaches depositing garbage in the right containers, by using cloth bags to make your shopping, and by choosing reusable bottles to drink water but If you don't bring them with you, you can find them in different parts in the city, which in addition to becoming a great memory of your trip, you will be supporting the local economy.

Remember: Big changes start with small actions.