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Cerritos is one of Baja California Sur’s top surfing beaches, especially from November through April. Located in El Pescadero, very close to Todos Santos, it’s a fantastic place to relax and take in some jaw-dropping sunsets.

And don’t think you have to be an expert, either: Cerritos has several surfing schools, such as Mario Surf School, plus equipment rentals so visitors can get the maximum fun out of the waves. You can also chill out with a sunset walk, camp out, or turn it up with a 4x4 tour.

There are different beachfront options for sunset dining. The Barracuda Cantina and the Surfside Bar & Grill are just two of the many eateries offering fresh seafood and vegan options. Cocktails and beer are a must, especially for surfers looking to cool off after catching waves.

Choose the beach and live the experience