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Gastronomic experiences in Todos Santos

Gastronomy is part of the experiences that make Todos Santos one of the must-see stops in Baja California Sur. As part of the attractions that make Baja California Sur a unique destination, its cuisine is one of the must-sees; not only for its flavor and freshness, but also for the culinary…

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Experiencias gastronómicas en Todos Santos

La gastronomía es parte de las experiencias que hacen de Todos Santos una de las paradas imperdibles en Baja California Sur. Como parte de los atractivos que hacen de Baja California Sur un destino único, su gastronomía es uno de los imperdibles; no sólo por su sabor y frescura, sino también por…

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GastroVino, Baja Food and Wine Festival in Todos Santos

The beautiful and bold wines of Baja California and Mexico will blend with the wonderful and authentic Gastronomy of Todos Santos. Three days in April are dedicated to celebrating the food and wine of our cherished Baja Peninsula Plaza. Todos Santos will be hosting its Fifth Annual GastroVino, Baja…

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